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Raleigh-Durham International Airlines Information (RDU)          Flight Status

Wilmington International Airport(ILM)                                          Flight Status

Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (EWN)                                       Flight Status

Ways to Get To Airporter Pickup Point
1. Take a cab: Checker Cab (910) 324-2227 - Call ahead
2. Get a friend to drop you off
3. Ride the OUTS Van
4. Ride base bus to the USO downtown

If you have a hardship in getting to our terminal such as handicapped, call in advance and we will make arrangements to pick you up. (There may be a slight charge for this service)

Riding Manners 

Drinking water or soft drinks are permitted but must have a screw cap. (No cans with pull tabs)
NO Smoking
Portable CD players and I-Pods are allowed, but only with headphones at a moderate volume. (Hint: if it can be heard at the front of the vehicle - it's probably too loud)
Eating is permitted. Please contain your refuse.
Be considerate of your fellow passengers.

Our vehicles will be picking up NEW passengers at the airport. 

    ​​Tips for the Trip

  1. Remember whatever you carry home with you, you must carry back.

  2. Pack light and use carryons if possible. This will help avoid having to stand at the baggage claim area to wait for your lost luggage.

  3. Take only what you need.

  4. Do not pack anything that is considered contraband!

  5. The night before you return be sure you fully charge your cell phone, and once you land, remember to turn it on.  Call immediately IF you are arriving late.

  6. Your reservation with us is completely based on your reservation with the AIRLINE, so if you should change your return flight be sure to call and let us know as soon as you can so we know WHEN to meet you at the airport.

  7. Do not book a return flight that arrives too close to our departure time.

  8. On return flights, you must arrive at least an hour prior to our departure time.


Call for your free rate quote today.   Rates are predicated on prevailing fuel costs.

Driver gratuity is NEVER included in any of these fares. Gratuity is left entirely up to the passenger's judgment.


Call (910) 347-7433 / (910) 324-9990​ to make reservations.

RESERVATIONS are your only guarantee of a seat, we will try our best to accommodate last minute passengers.  One-Way passengers TO the airport are NOT guaranteed a seat FROM the airport at a later date, unless they call and make a reservation.

We leave NO Marine or Sailor nor anyone else behind. We are open 24 hours to accommodate late flights and flights with weather related problems.  A friendly suggestion: never book the LAST flight back, always save a flight or two as back up in case of a problem;  Communicate with our office IF you change your return flight; Keep us informed of your itinerary, even if it is a change the airlines make. 

Call (910) 347-7433 /(910) 324-9990​ to make reservations.

6758 Richlands Hwy, Richlands, NC, United States

Phone: (910) 347-7433 / (910) 324-9990


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